Yoga for Kids

Two things have been keeping me busy during lockdown. Number 1 is technology. I don't know how you spell the feeling of frustration and bewilderment that has accompanied getting my head around things that should be easy! Number 2 is yoga for kids. Every Friday since Easter we have done a free Zoom class for primary school kids. When I say we, I mean me, Aoibhín, Toby and Theo (as pictured). There were times when I thought, "oh why am I doing this?!" but my kids genuinely loved it so I kept going. I started to take it a bit more casually and have fun with it, dressing up and playing.

Then we were approached by SSE Airtricity to video some classes for their Eco Explorers Club. The excitement! We were going to be on You Tube! Like Joe Wicks!

The first of five videos went live this week and that went a long way towards motivating the kids to shoot video number 2. To be honest they have been so good and so cooperative with all of this. Even when we had to reshoot a video because I forgot to turn on the mic or because we couldn't stop the giggles.