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My Background

I'm Caragh Egan. I've been teaching yoga since 2003. Since my 20s, yoga has seen me through life's ups and downs, through career changes and the birth of my three children. I believe yoga is for life, no matter your age or physical condition. Through my classes I aim to meet the needs of the students, whether that's keeping an excitable 3 year old engaged or giving a 75 year old a chance to move, stretch and strengthen. 

My Style

My favourite personal practice is vinyasa flow and this is predominantly what I teach. These classes are a dynamic, moving meditation of creative flowing postures usually, but not always, with music. I love rhythm and vinyasa flow offers a chance to get into your body and move in an uninterrupted rhythm, even if it's just your breath offering you the beat.

My Training

I took my first teacher training course in 2002 but I continue to train, looking for different approaches and ways to bring yoga to life for people of different ages and needs. In recent years, I have been exploring meditation and the use of sound as part of a holistic yoga experience.

Time on my mat, alone, practicing what comes to me in the moment, quieting my chatty mind and finding the quieter, calmer place inside, whether through movement or stillness, has also been an essential part of my training. No amount of courses take the place of simply practising. 

I have also learned so much over the years from my students. Figuring out how to help someone get what they need from the practice for this time of their life, finding different words and movements to help people reconnect to their bodies and access their inner calm - that's what keeps my teaching alive. I'm grateful to all my students who are also really my teachers.


  • August 2002 - 12 day teacher training intensive with  Donna Fahri in Vancouver, Canada

  • Sept 2002 - Nov 2003, yoga teacher training diploma led by Marie Quail in Belfast

  • December 2003 - 4 week residential intensive teacher training with the Sivananda Institute in Kerala, India

  • 2004 - perinatal teacher training diploma through the Birthlight foundation in Belfast

  • 2007 - perinatal teacher training diploma through the Elbow Room in Stoneybatter, Dublin

  • 2015 - yoga for kids diploma through the Elbow Room in Stoneybatter, Dublin

  • 2005-2022 - various retreats and trainings with Shiva Rea in London, Greece, LA and Ireland

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