I'm Caragh Egan. My background is in mechanical engineering and I began practising yoga with Erin Fleming in 1999. Erin is an amazing yoga teacher from California, who happened to be living at the time, as I was, in Chester.

I will never forget the feeling of floating out of Erin's class trying not to move too much in case I lost it! I was completely hooked.

In 2002, I took my first yoga teacher training course, with Donna Farhi in Vancouver. Donna's holistic approach to movement informs a lot of my practice and teaching. 

I completed Marie Quail's Yoga teacher training diploma in 2003 and began teaching. Eventually I quit engineering to focus on yoga.

I opened Sunrise Yoga studios in Dun Laoghaire in 2007. Three kids in quick succession and the yoga studio was too much. So in 2012, I closed the studio and refocused on just teaching, which has always been the thing I loved most. 


Over the years, I've continued to study with other teachers when I can. I completed the Sivananda Yoga Teaching Diploma and various courses with Shiva Rea, whose beautiful flowing practice is a big inspiration to me.  

During the crazy challenges of 2020, more than ever, meditation and mindfulness have come played a much more prominent role in my practice. Meditation and the philosophy of mindfulness, the very basis of yoga, have kept me sane and happy!

I believe yoga is for always, for whatever life offers, for everyone from toddlers to pensioners. No matter what your life story is, we all benefit from a little space to stretch, breathe and most of all, to reconnect to ourselves. This is what I hope my classes offer.