Normally I teach yoga to kids in local schools but while the schools are closed, I am teaching kids yoga online. These classes are aimed at primary school children and are a family affair, with something for everyone - even the grown-ups! Lots of movement, stretching and balancing and plenty of time at the end to relax. The classes are free. Just book in to reserve your spot. 

My Qualifications and Background

In 2016, I qualified as a Yoga for Kids teacher, through the Elbow Room teacher training. This training brought together my own yoga experience and my experience of teaching yoga to my own small children who were aged 2, 4 and 6 at the time. I now teach children aged from 3 to 13 years.

The classes I teach in schools are tailored to the age of the children. For the little ones, yoga involves lots of stories, singing and make-believe. The slightly older kids are able for a little more in terms of yoga poses but I still build the class around stories, songs and games. For preteen children, yoga and its non-competitive nature, can be a lovely balance to the rest of their busy lives, allowing boys and girls to enjoy movement for the joy of it. 

Yoga philosophy helps all kids to learn values such as sharing, non-violence towards themselves, others and their environment, only taking as much as you need, telling the truth and much more. We can explore this through stories and even how we view ourselves and take care of our bodies as we move.

All yoga classes, even for 3 year olds, involve breathing and relaxation. We do this in various fun ways but it is a fantastic way to teach children techniques for calming down and staying centered - something that will serve them for life!

I have been amazed at how many children, especially pre-teens, enjoy the deep relaxation at the end of the practice.


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