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Keeping the Flame Lit

October 28th, 2021

The evenings are closing in. The clocks are about to change. Does anyone else feel really nervous about that? Is it just me? I kind of dread the darkness of winter. I feel the lack of light and the change in the weather. And then I kind of feel society encourages us to compensate for this by shopping. More stuff. Buy more stuff and you'll feel better. Maybe you will but honestly, probably not.

Instead I'm trying to recognise what I can do that truly helps me to stay positive, healthy and happy as winter closes in. Here are some of the things that work for me.

  • Time outdoors. This lifts my mood every time. I often don't feel like doing it but I never regret a walk or a swim or even ten minutes meditating in the garden.

  • Strictly Come Dancing. I'm not going to lie. We are superfans in this house. I watched it before my kids were born and now together we laugh and scream and shout and cheer at the telly. Then we practice in the kitchen for the day when we get called to take part. It's going to happen!

  • Yoga. Obvious one but whether it's teaching it, practising it on my own or learning from another teacher, yoga keeps me grounded and light in equal measure.

  • Meeting a friend for a walk, a chat, a coffee, a laugh. How I missed this last year. This real life connection could never be replicated by phonecalls and video chats.

These are a few things that lift my mood. What are yours? Maybe write them down, big ones and little ones. Then when winter brings your mood down, pick something to help give you that lift.

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