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Tuesday Rise and Shine Yoga 2

Tuesday Rise and Shine Yoga 2

(running time: 44 min 04 sec)


These Rise and Shine Yoga videos are similar to live classes I teach Monday to Friday on Zoom. In this sequence, 35 minutes of flowing yoga is followed by 10 minutes of guided relaxation. See below for a short video showing clips from some Rise and Shine practices.


This practice brings some focus to easing out tension in the hips and hamstrings, with postures such as standing wide leg forward bends and twists, pigeon and turtle. If your hip flexors, hamstrings or glutes need a little love, this is the one for you. 


The guided relaxation is 10 minutes long, so if time is of the essence first thing in the morning, save it for later and enjoy! Music by Anne Malone.


Once you have made your purchase, you will receive an email with a pdf file containing a link to video. This link doesn't expire. You can use the video as often as you like.

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