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75 min Vinyasa Flow - Mandala Namaskar

75 min Vinyasa Flow - Mandala Namaskar

These 75 minute vinyasa flow yoga videos are similar to live classes I teach on Zoom.


This yoga practice revolves around Mandala Namaskar, a vinyasa flow sequence that incorporates lots of circular movements as you move around the entire mandala of your mat. With a focus on swadisthana chakra, it creates space around the hips and lower abdomen. This leads us to postures such as mermaid, pigeon and supported bridge. 


As we wind down towards the end of the practice and into savasana, music by Anne Malone creates a beautiful atmosphere to allow you to relax a little deeper.


Once you have made your purchase, you will receive an email with a pdf file containing a link to video. This link doesn't expire. You can use the video as often as you like. A preview of the video is available below.

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