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My classes incorporate a creative, flowing vinyasa style of yoga that aims to combine breath and movement. As we flow from one pose to the next, we allow the practice to become a moving meditation with little interruption.

I believe yoga should bring you back to the home of yourself. It's not about pushing for some perfect external form. Rather it's about listening in, moving as your body needs you to, using the breath as your guide.

Rise and Shine classes include 30 minutes of movement that gently eases you into your day. 5-10 minutes at the end are spent in guided relaxation so you begin your day from a place of inner awareness and calm.

The longer vinyasa flow classes are 75 minutes and give us time to go a little further, deeply releasing the areas that need our love. In these classes, we explore a longer closing sequence, usually incorporating shoulderstand and postures that compliment it.

These classes finish with a 10-15 minute guided relaxation, designed to deepen your sense of calm, connection to yourself and sense of presence.

Classes are mixed level, with modifications offered to allow you to adjust postures to your needs in that moment. However if you are a complete beginner or returning to yoga after sickness or injury, please get in touch with me first and I can help you find the class that will suit you best.

See the timetable for full details of what's on offer. Please contact me if you have any questions.

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