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Staying connected

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

What a crazy time we are living through. I know we are all struggling in our own way. Personally I have found sanity in daily yoga, fresh air, nature and to be honest, my three kids who obviously are home with me all the time now and boy, do they live in the moment.

Most days I try to get in the sea for the incredible boost it gives me. I feel so lucky to live close enough to the sea to do this and only discovered the magic of it about a year ago. When I was there on a glorious evening a few days ago, I got chatting to someone (from a distance of 2 metres!) about sea swimming. He told me to try to focus on relaxing and deep breathing while getting used to the cold. Wow! I no longer make noises that can be heard for miles and I find a rhythm of deep breathing that is so familiar to me from yoga. It's been a revelation.

Like everyone, I find the separation from others the hardest part of dealing with this virus so far. (I'm lucky that I'm feeling totally healthy!) Little moments like that, a pleasant chat or even a friendly smile or acknowledgement of another person have given me such a lift.

I've also really enjoyed the couple of online classes I've been able to offer. It's been lovely to see my regular students, even if it is through the screen. I am by no means good with technology but right now I'm studying it like it's my Leaving Cert and I will get there!

This week I have the words of Sheryl Sandberg in my mind a lot. "Option A (in this case normal life!) isn't an option, so let's kick the shit out of option B". Whether that's getting our heads around technology to remain connected or in business or simply being kind to whoever we meet, there are so many ways, we can make the most of option B and get through this together.

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