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Random Hugs

What a week! Who knew we could handle so much change! Who knew we were capable of learning and adapting so quickly but it's amazing what you can do when you have to. I had a new website 3/4 ready since Christmas but it took something like this to make me finish it and get online booking and classes up and running.

I've always been a technophobe, the last one to take up any new trend, really sceptical about the need for any of it. I like paper books. I like writing more than typing. But let me say now how grateful I am for technology now! Where would we be without online communication - whether it's for our kids' schoolwork, keeping in touch with friends and family, sharing videos to lift the mood or even keep our jobs!

That's certainly been the case for me and I am so grateful to be able to continue teaching at this time. Thank you to everyone who showed up for my online classes that started this week. I've actually ended up teaching more than I have in years as things like early morning classes become a possibility.

Inspired by the lovely Joe Wicks (so good looking, he's like a handsome prince, according to my Toby) and his fab PE for kids, I also taught (maybe taught is the wrong word ... facilitated), facilitated a kids yoga class on Zoom this week for those in my kids' classes. I can't speak for the others but we had so much fun. Partner yoga with your kids is such a fun way to hang out together and we'll be doing a lot of hanging out together!

But sure isn't that also the bright side of this potentially very dark situation - the getting to spend time at home with each other, stripping away the to-do list and finding ways to enjoy each other. I love this picture of Aoibhín, my 6 year old daughter, randomly coming up to me with a hug in the middle of my yoga practice. Random hugs. Definitely the best part of this whole thing.

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