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Prenatal Yoga 1

Prenatal Yoga 1

This 1 hour prenatal yoga practice is suitable for all stages of pregnancy. The theme of the practice is “Presence”. 


    Recorded live over Zoom, this practice is designed to

    • offer you space and encouragement to be present in this moment of your pregnancy

    • relieve tension throughout the body 
    • create stability and build strength around the legs and pelvis
    • give you a chance to deeply relax and connect to yourself and your baby 


    Click on the trailer video for a little taster of what's involved. 


    Once you make your purchase, you will receive a downloadable document with a link to the online video. This video will never expire and you can access it as often as you like. Download the document within one month of purchase and save it to your computer to access the video whenever you like. 


    Please get in touch if you have any questions at all. 

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