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Monday Rise and Shine Yoga 2

Monday Rise and Shine Yoga 2

(running time: 40 mins 18 secs)


These Rise and Shine Yoga videos are similar to live classes I teach Monday to Friday on Zoom. 30 minutes of flowing yoga is followed by 5-10 minutes of guided relaxation. See below for a short video showing clips from some Rise and Shine practices.


Easing you into Monday. We begin by gently activating the core muscles and releasing the hips. Then we flow - cat/cow, twisting, backward and forward bending - giving your body a leg-up into the week.


Variations of gate pose will help to create ease in the hips, hamstrings and side body before we wind it back to the floor for deep relaxation.


Guided relaxation in savasana focuses on the flow of Prana, our life force, with heavenly music by Anne Malone.


Once you have made your purchase, you will receive an email with a pdf file containing a link to video. This link doesn't expire. You can use the video as often as you like.

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