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Friday Rise and Shine Yoga 1

Friday Rise and Shine Yoga 1

Jala Flow

(running time: 38 min 43 sec)


These Rise and Shine Yoga videos are similar to live classes I teach Monday to Friday on Zoom. 30 minutes of flowing yoga is followed by 5-10 minutes of guided relaxation. See below for a short video showing clips from some Rise and Shine practices.


This sequence is based around Jala Namaskar (salutation to water), a beautiful fluid flow created by Shiva Rea. We build up the elements of the sequence and then let them flow with the breath.


Embodying the qualities of water, this sequence creates space in the body in preparation for backbends. We carry this fluidity into ustrasana (camel pose) and then wind the practice down through wide leg seated side stretches and mermaid pose , before coming onto the back for savasana.


Guided relaxation focuses on the fluid body, accompanied by music by Anne Malone.


Once you have made your purchase, you will receive an email with a pdf file containing a link to video. This link doesn't expire. You can use the video as often as you like. 

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