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Elemental Self-Care Program

Elemental Self-Care Program

This is a five week program based on the 5 elements - earth, water, fire, air and space. It is designed to help you feel balanced, grounded, energised and able to cope with all the challenges life throws at us!


This program initially took place live during November 2020 over Zoom. It is now available to buy as a series of pre-recorded videos, giving you them flexibility to weave yoga into your day as it suits you.


As each element is associate with a different chakra, the program moves in sequence through the chakras from the base to the throat:

Week 1 - the earth element and the root chakra (muladhara)

Week 2 - the water element and the sacral chakra (swadisthana)

Week 3 - the fire element and manipura chakra (the solar plexus)

Week 4 - the air element and the heart chakra (anahata)

Week 5 - the space element and the throat chakra (vishuddhi)


Each week starts with a 30 minute restorative practice. This gives you a chance to tune in and set your intention for the week ahead. It is suggested that you do this on Sunday evening but you can schedule it to suit your lifestyle.


The next 5 days are 30 minute vinyasa flow practices, each followed by a 5-10 minute guided relaxation. These are designed as early morning practices but work equally well in the evening.


On the 7th day of each week, there is a 75 minute vinyasa flow s