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75 min Vinyasa Flow - Balance

75 min Vinyasa Flow - Balance

This 75 minute vinyasa flow yoga video is similar to live classes I teach on Zoom.


We all have times when we feel pulled in all directions. This yoga practice is designed to help you find your focus and a sense of grounding. 


We begin by cultivating our core strength. Then through a variety of vinyasa flow sequences, we explore various balance postures from half moon to eagle and even a little crow pose. We close the practice with a shoulderstand sequence, before winding down with supine twists.


Savasana, which is accompanied by music by Anne Malone, focuses on deepening the sense of stability and calm.


Once you have made your purchase, you will receive an email with a pdf file containing a link to video. This link doesn't expire. You can use the video as often as you like. A preview of the video is available below.

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