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Prenatal Yoga and Active Birth Workshops in South Co. Dublin.

Private prenatal classes and active birth workshops available. Contact Caragh for more information or to book. 

On demand prenatal yoga videos are also available through the online shop. Click here for more. 

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An Active Birth Workshop is for a mother-to-be and her partner and is best held in the comfort of their own home where much of labour takes place. But there is also the option to do it in Caragh's house if this suits the couple better. It is most suitable for the third trimester of pregnancy.

The workshop is designed to empower the mother and her partner to participate fully in the birth of their child and to bring their child into the world as easily and naturally as possible. A perfect complement to prenatal yoga, you will learn how yoga positions, breathwork and mindfulness can help you to give birth as naturally and easily as possible.

You will gain a better understanding of what to expect during labour and birth and how you can help yourself to cope. We will discuss the physiology of birth, natural pain relief options and the important role your partner can play.

The workshop includes handouts and recommended reading to support the material we cover.

The cost is €120 per couple. Please get in touch if you would like any more information or click below to book.


Prenatal yoga is suitable for everyone. No experience of yoga is necessary.

Yoga postures can provide relief from common ailments and discomforts, such as backache, heartburn, swollen legs, etc. 

Yoga can also help to boost your energy, leaving you feeling lighter and more relaxed, ready to enjoy a good night's sleep! Above all, it is a wonderful way to create some space in your life to focus on your baby and strengthen the bond between you.

Private individual or group classes can be arranged by contacting me directly.

I qualified as a prenatal yoga teacher in 2004, completing the Birthlight diploma in perinatal teaching. In 2007, I completed the perinatal yoga teacher training program at the Elbow Room.

Since then I have given birth to my two sons and my daughter, one in hospital, two at home, using Active Birth techniques and yoga. My experience of pregnancy, labour and birth was very positive and empowering and I try to pass on some of what I learned through my prenatal yoga classes and Active Birth workshops. ​

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